We bring together Strategy, Empathy, Technology and Curiosity to help you deliver real change  



(SET)    or Strategy, Empathy and Technology to the power of Curiosity - brings together everything we are passionate about.

We feel that when combined these provide the optimum approach to delivering strategy, change and technology projects. We start every engagement with two challenges, "Is this the right problem? How does it link back to your strategy?" We then work with you to deliver solutions that are linked directly to your strategy, empathise with your customers, employees and society and challenge the status quo. We like to ask WHY and in the end, you will too.


We live by our core values; Compassion and Empathy, Dare to be different, Always ask WHY, Adapt Adapt Adapt and Don't be afraid to swim upstream.












We aim to start every engagement by helping you articulate your strategy. Understanding why the project is important, what your winning aspiration is and getting a view of what capabilities and systems need to be put in place to set you up for success.
Strategy Consulting


We love tech! Most of what we do is enabled by Salesforce. The Salesforce platform provides a set of flexible tools that allow us to build engaging, intuitive and secure solutions to almost any problem.
Salesforce Consulting 


Technology and strategy is nothing without people. We believe that by putting your customers, employees and partners in the centre of what we do, we deliver solutions that solve real problems and contribute to making peoples lives better.
Human-Centred Design


But why? We will ask a lot of questions to make sure the problems we are helping you solve are the right ones and the solution or process we help you embed in your business shift the dial. "that's just how we do Things around here" is no longer a good enough answer.

Embedded Teams

Our team is your team, our approach to standing up project teams is to embed key members of your team into ours. This allows us to impart both skills and knowledge, reducing the risk of us missing anything important and positioning your team so they will be significantly better placed to provide ongoing support to your users. 




We were born during the COVID Pandemic; we are resilient, adaptable and virtual first! 


In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare challenged us by asking "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet", a sentiment we absolutely agree with! However, there is a lot packed into our name.

Arcturus - Is one of the brightest stars in the sky and known as the bear guardian (Once you meet our founder you'll understand the significance).

It's part of the Boötes constellation or the Sheperd of the sky - We see ourselves as shepherds, facilitators and guides.  As well as being part of the Boötes constellation Arcturus is also one of the corners of the Great Diamond of Virgo, which represents both our founder Michael Diamond and the month Arcturious was founded (August 2020). 

Just when you thought you couldn't pack any more meaning into a word, we get into the second half of Arcturious. Which if you haven't guessed already, is Curious. Add on the fact that Arcturus hovers curiously in the sky, and according to Star Trek, "Space is the final frontier", a concept that has kept humanity enthralled ever since we developed cognition. We are immensely curious, it's built into our approach, into our values and represents itself in the people we hire and the organisations we work with.



We help companies do better and be better! We do what we can to give back to society. We do this by challenging the status quo.

We aim to help our clients deliver projects that allow them to unlock their full potential while staying nimble and mitigating risk. 

We are driven by our passion to make the world a better place by helping organisations take a human-centred approach to strategy development and deliver technology programs that are intrinsically connected to both strategic objectives and the people we enable.

The values we live by are:

  • Compassion and Empathy

  • Dare to be different 

  • Always ask WHY 

  • Adapt Adapt Adapt

  • Don't be afraid to swim upstream



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