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Sustainable Salons Go-live!

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

We're proud to announce our very first go-live as Arcturious! We had the absolute honor to work with the team at Sustainable Salons to deliver their Salesforce refresh and launch of their opportunity management, on-boarding and case management solution.

About Sustainable Salons

Sustainable Salons is the first comprehensive resource recovery program designed for the salon environment that rewards salons and gives back to the community.

In 2010 founders Paul and Ewelina embarked on a very long drive around Australia (which took 4 months and $7,000 in petrol) in the name of waste research. 160 salons later, Paul and Ewelina discovered that salon waste had nowhere to go; from their findings, they estimated that Australian salons alone were sending one million kilograms of foil to landfill every year! And knowing that aluminum is infinitely recyclable, the pair were speechless.

And so, they set out to fix the salon waste problem and create the greatest resource recovery service the world has ever seen!

Paul and Ewelina officially launched Sustainable Salons in 2015 – the program now has over 1,000 salon members (and growing!) across Australia and New Zealand as part of the journey to zero waste.

The Challenge

Sustainable Salons has been a long time user of Salesforce with Salesforce first being implemented around 5 years ago. As many organisations both big and small often experience, their Salesforce instance had become a little stale. Riddled by a lack of best practice resulting from a diverse range of Salesforce "experts" dropping in and out of their environment over the years. Sustainable Salons were forced to use spreadsheets and other tools to track and manage customer requests, on-boarding tasks and other issues relating to everything from billing issues and missed payments to collection and reward shop issues. Needless to say this had an impact on their ability to build a 360 degree view of their members and meant they were following processes that lacked visibility and were less than efficient.

Our Solution and Approach

Leveraging our standard approach: Strategy, Empathy and Technology to the power of curiosity or (SET)c. We started the engagement with a free half day strategy and pain points session to give us the opportunity to understand Sustainable Salon's business model, ambitions, required capabilities and major pain points. We then designed an intensive discovery week leveraging a human-centered approach by bringing together a cross functional team, including team members from; sales, marketing, operations and business support who were dispersed across Sydney, the Central Coast, Melbourne and New Zealand (our rollout also included Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia). Because our approach is "Virtual/Digital First" it was easy for us to accommodate the distributed team, we use tools like Miro and Google Suite to collaborate, which also results in us doing a little good for the planet as not even one physical Post-It note was used! Feedback from our approach was very positive, with team members saying they felt included. Our workshops are fast past and probing which sometimes leaves team members feeling a little uncomfortable but we get the results we need to deliver amazing solutions, with high adoption that result in real change.

The solution itself was a shift towards bringing their environment closer to Salesforce best practice by leveraging tools that were really available on the platform 5 years ago (i.e Lightning Components and Process Builder). We built a new lead-to-onboarding process which included simple guidance and some great automation to ensure information flow between records is seamless and painless.

Time to value, just 6 weeks!

The Results and what's next...

As for the results, well we have only just gone live. We will check back in with Sustainable Salons in a couple months to measure the impact we had, so stay tuned. In the meantime, the team are pretty happy and have a reignited sense of excitement about what the Salesforce platform can do for their business!

Finally a massive shout out to the team at Sustainable Salons and our growing Arcturious Team!

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